Great Tips To Maintain Your Wood Garage Door

One of the biggest questions that we get asked about our wood garage doors is how difficult they are to maintain and to keep looking like new. In fact, with just a bit of care and attention your stained wood garage doors will look beautiful for years to come as they naturally age and get even richer in their color and tone.

Painted Doors

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is if you are staining the wood or painting the wood, as treatment options will be different. Paint grade doors, as it is easy to see on the website, arrive to you pre-primed so all you will need to do is paint. The paint, when applied correctly and completely, will protect the doors from water as well as from most insects.
Painted doors, like any painted area of your home, will need to be repainted when the paint starts to flake, peel or lift. Frequency depends on several factors including the amount of weather exposure of the doors, including direct sunlight and high temperatures as well as the quality of the paint selected. For this reason we recommend the highest quality paint that you can afford to limit the task of repainting.

Stained Wood Garage Door Maintenance

Maintaining a wood garage door that has been stained is usually less work for you than a painted door. With our custom construction and in-house staining, these doors will last for years before you have to do much, if anything, to them. You will need to sand the door and then apply stain. You can change the color or keep it the same, giving you lots of options. With an additional finish you can add additional protection from the weather as well as from scratches and scuffs.
Wood doors that are stained won’t dent or buckle with the same force that would cause damage to a steel or vinyl door. However, if you notice any signs of rubbing or friction on the door which may cause a lighter look to the stain, check to make certain that the door is running smoothly in the track and is not catching or twisting when opening or closing. This is typically a problem with the track for the opener and not with the door itself.
A stained door, like a painted door, is a beautiful addition to your home. Once you choose which door you want, we will be happy to provide you with tips and ideas on how to keep it looking beautiful.