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Wood Overhead Garage Doors - Wood Garage Doors - Paint Grade Garage Doors

Starting at $1995
Insulated wood garage doors in Clear Cedar, Knotty Cedar and Primed Cedar
Get the Cedar Garage Doors Stained or Glazed Finish in Any Color
Get the Cedar Paintable Garage Doors with Custom Latex Stain Finish

We have the Worlds Largest Inventory of Wood Garage Doors in Stock in North America!
Manufactured From: Alaskan Cedar with Sitka Spruce Wood Framing (highest strength to weight ratio timber)
Insulated Core and Tempered Glass** have an estimated R value of 7 ~ 9

Custom Order Any Size and Style Garage Doors
Garage Door Hardware Included with every Wood garage door

Clear Cedar Garage Doors

Garage Doors Clear Cedar Wood

Knotty Cedar Garage Doors

Knotty Cedar Garage Doors

Cedar Garage Doors - Paintable

Paint Grade Garage Doors

Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

Commercial Grade Models
for Wood Garage Doors
Side Mount, Belt Drive or Chain Drive


1. 15" Radius Tracks (Galvanized 14 gauge 0.83mil)
2. 11 gauge Hinges #1~#4
3. Quiet Ball-Bearing Nylon Rollers
4. Fully braced Torsion Bars Setup
5. Torsion Springs pair
6. 3" Struts 20 gauge (1 per panel)
7. Garage Door Sweep
8. Tempered Glass
High Lift Tracks Available**
Low Headroom Tracks Available**

Get Pre-Finished Garage Doors!
exterior-grade UV Stains and Sealers or
Custom Latex Stain Finish and Glazing
(Additional Fees for Distressing, Glazing and Antiquing)

Pre- Finishing Prices:

1 car doors....add $489 each
2 car doors....add $815 each

Color Chart 

Clear Cedar Garage Doors

Horizon 1 Car no lites

1 Car Clear Cedar Garage Doors $2395
10x7 14
10x8 6
9x7 18
9x8 18

Horizon 2 Car no lites
cedar garage door with all wood plank panels Eclipse 16x7
2 Car Clear Cedar Garage Doors $3895
16 x 7 4
16 x 8 7

Horizon 1 Car 16 lites

1 Car Clear Cedar
Size Qty Price
10x7 11 $2795
8x7 15 $2795
9x7 54 $2795
9x8 26 $2995
10x8 7 $2995

Horizon 2 Car 32 lites
Horizon 32-Lite
16 x 7 shown
2 Car Clear Cedar Garage Doors
Size Qty Price
16x7 21 $4295
16x8 45 $4895
18x8 2 $5295

Horizon 1 Car 2 lites
1 Car Clear Cedar $2395
Size Qty Price
10x7 7 $2395
8x7 10 $2195
9x7 2 $2395

Horizon 2 Car 4 lites
2 Car Clear Cedar Garage Doors
Size Qty Price
16x7 2 $3895
18x7 1 $3995
18x8 1 $4195

The Ponderosa Arch 16 Lites

Ponderosa Style Garage Door
9 x 7 shown
1 Car Clear Cedar Garage Door
Size Qty Price
9 x 7 5 $2695
9 x 8 7 $2795

The Ponderosa Arch 32 Lites

Western Style Garage Doors Cross-bucks
16 x 7 shown
2 Car Knotty Cedar Garage Doors
Size Qty Price
16 x 7 10 $4295
16 x 8 1 $4395

Arch X-Bucks No-Lites
Cedar Garage Doors with cross buck design
1 Car Clear Cedar Garage Door $2695
9 x 8 Quantity 10

Arch X-Bucks No-Lites
arch cross bucks no lite
2 Car Clear Cedar Garage Doors $4195
16 x 8 Quantity 5

Hometown 1 Car no lites
1 Car Clear Cedar
Size Qty Price
10x7 18 $2295
8x8 5 $2295
9x7 21 $2295
9x8 18 $2395
10x8 13 $2395

Hometown 2 Car no lites
2 Car Clear Cedar Garage Doors $3895
16x8 4

Hometown 1 Car 16 lites
Hometown 9x7
1 Car Clear Cedar
Size Qty Price
10x7 17 $2795
8x7 11 $2595
8x8 7 $2695
9x7 23 clear, 1 knotty $2695
9x8 5 $2895
10x8 6 $2895

Hometown 2 Car 32-lites
2 Car Clear Cedar Garage Doors
Size Qty Price
16x7 8 $3995
16x8 6 $4295

Hometown 1 Car 4 lites
1 Car Clear Cedar $2395
10x7 10
10x8 6
8x7 8
8x8 5
9x7 10
9x8 14

Hometown 2 Car 8 lites
2 Car Clear Cedar Garage Doors $3895
Size Qty
16x7 2
16x8 1
Heritage 1 Car no lites
Clear Cedar Garage Doors $2395
Size Qty Price
10x7 13 $2395
10x8 8 $2495
8x8 3 $2395
9x7 11 $2395
9x8 4 $2495
Heritage 2 car no lites

2 Car Clear Cedar Garage Doors $3895
Size Qty
16x7 1
16x8 6

Heritage 1 Car 16 lites

9 x 8 shown

1 Car Clear Cedar Garage Doors
Size Qty Price
10x7 14 $2795
9x7 13 $2795
9x8 1 $2995
10x8 2 $2995

Heritage 2 Car 32 lites
Heritage 32 Lite Cedar Garage Door
16 x 7 shown
2 Car Clear Cedar Garage Doors
Size Qty Price
16x7 16 $4295
16x8 8 $4895
18x8 1 $5295

Heritage 1 Car 2 lites

1 Car Clear Cedar $2395
Size Qty Price
10x8 11 $2395
8x7 1 $2195
8x8 2 $2295

Heritage 2 Car 4 lites

2 Car Clear Cedar Garage Doors
Size Qty Price
16x7 4 $3995

Carriage Court 12 Lite

1 Car Clear Cedar $2795
9 x 7 1
9 x 8 4

Carriage Court 24 Lites

16 x 7 shown
2 Car Clear Cedar Garage Doors $4295
16 x 8 5

Corral in Clear Cedar
Corral Garge door in Clear Cedar
9 x 7 shown
1 Car Clear Cedar $2295
9 x 8 1

Craftsman 24-lite Clear Glass
Craftsman 16 x 8 Garage door
16 x 8 shown
2 Car Clear Cedar
Size Qty Price
16 x 7 9 $3695
16 x 8 6 $3895

Knotty Cedar Garage Doors

Rustic Garage Doors made from knotty cedar will add character to your home building project
*Note Knotts are random and are not guaranteed of uniformity from door to door.
The Corral
rustic cedar garage doors
(shown with pre-finish)
1 Car Knotty Cedar $2695
Size Quantity
9 x 8 2
10 x 8 1
The Corral
Knotty Cedar Garage Doors
(shown un-finished)
2 Car Knotty Cedar Garage Doors
Size Quantity Price
16 x 7 12 $3795
16 x 8 10 $3995
Heritage Knotty No Lite
Knotty Cedar Garage Door no lites
1 Car Knotty Cedar $2195
Size Quantity
10x7 5
10x8 6
8x7 2
8x8 3
9x8 8
Heritage Knotty No Lite

2 Car Knotty Cedar Garage Doors $3795
Size Qty knotty
16x7 1
16x8 2
Heritage Knotty 16 Lites

1 Car Knotty Cedar Garage Doors $2295
Size Qty knotty
10x7 4
9x7 1
9x8 3
8x7 2
Horizon Knotty No Lite

1 Car Knotty Cedar $2195
Size Qty knotty
10x7 5
10x8 1
8x7 4
8x8 1
9x7 2
9x8 5
Horizon Knotty No Lite

2 Car Knotty Cedar Garage Doors $3795
Size Qty knotty
16x7 2
16x8 3
Horizon Knotty 16 Lite

1 Car Knotty Cedar Garage Door $2295
Size Qty knotty
9x7 1
10x7 5
custom wood finishing and paint by
Custom Wood Finish Samples

Cedar Insulated Garage Doors

Pre-Primed 2 3/4" thick
Paintable Garage Doors
Custom Latex Staining and Glazing Available
PG 1 Car $1995
PG 2 Car $2995
custom wood door finishing and painting at
Custom Wood Finish Samples
paint grade garage doors
PG Square 16lite


Garage Door Paint Grade
PG Arch 16lite

9x7, 10x7, 10x8

garage doors paint grade 16 lites
PG Bifold 16lite

8x7, 9x8, 10x7, 10x8

garge door pg 16x8
PG Square 32lite 2 Car

16x8, 18x7

garage door paintable 16 x 8
PG Arch 32lite 2 Car

16x8, 18x7

garage doors pg bf 32lite
PG Bifold 32lite 2 Car


pg garage doors 2 lites
PG Square 2lite

8x8, 9x8, 10x7, 10x8

pg garge doors arched 2 lites
PG Arch 2lite

8x8, 9x7, 9x8, 10x7, 10x8

pg garage doors bf 4 lites
PG Bifold 4lite

8x7, 8x8, 9x8, 10x7, 10x8

Garage Door Paint Grade Square no lites
PG Square nolite

8x7, 8x8, 9x7, 10x7, 10x8

Garge Door pg arch nolite
PG Arch nolite

8x8, 9x8, 9x7, 10x7, 10x8

paint grade cedar garage doors
PG BiFold nolite

8x7, 8x8, 9x8, 9x7, 9x8, 10x7, 10x8

16x8 garage door paint grade
PG Square nolite 2car

16x7(1), 18x7(2)

paint grade cedar garge door
PG Arch nolite 2 Car

16x8, 18x7(1)

paint grade garage door 16x8
PG Bifold nolite 2 Car

16x7, 16x8, 18x7, 18x8

  primed garge door 4 lites arched 18x7
PG Arch 4-lite 2 Car

16x7, 18x7

bi-fold 8 lite overhead doors
PG Bifold 8-lite 2 Car

18x7, 18x8

What better way to Make your Garage, your Home, your Barn or your Shed more attractive is with a patent pending, newly innovative designed Insulated Wood Overhead Garage Doors. Many popular styles of Wood Garage Doors and Paintable Garage Doors in stock for immediate delivery to freight ship anywhere in the US and Canada. Fully 2 3/4" thick Insulated Wood Garage Doors, Paint Grade Garage Doors and Wood Overhead Doors will increase the curb appeal and increase the value of your property while increasing insulation effectiveness and reducing Acoustic outside noise. The wood used in the development of these Overhead Garage Doors was choice Alaskan Cedar for it's long-lasting durability and resistance to moisture and Sitka Spruce for the structural internal framing for its light weight to strength ratio and resistance to failure. Another advantage to our wood garage doors is the use of insulated tempered glass windows (on many of our models) and a thick polystyrene foam core for an R-value up to a level 9! Many "Name Brand" garage door manufactures cannot compare to this quality of craftsmanship and thermal protection or price of our newly innovative Wood Garage Doors Design.

Horizon Garage Doors 9x7
garge doors in Cedar - Horizon 16 lite 
Hardware Kits Included
garage door hardware kit included
Horizon Garage Door 16x7
cedar garage doors with arched glass
   knotty cedar garage doors
Before and After Transformation
White Garage Doors before remodel  Knotty cedar Garage Doors After Remodel  Rustic garage doors with style
wood garage doors cedar insulated Model Heritage 9x8  Garage Doors with Arched Glass Design Cedar Garage Door pair
Arched Garage Doors with 16 Lites garage doors arched 16 lites  Rustic Garage Doors in Cedar
 wooden garage doors Craftsman Style Garage
Custom Order Any Size and Style Garage Doors

Engineered Quality
"R Value" of 7 and higher*

Aviation Wood - Spruce

Sitka Spruce Facts

Managed Forestry for a Greener Planet.
Western Red Cedar
Knotty Alder and
Brazilian Mahogany

Questions?  Please call one of our friendly sales consultants  1-219-663-2279

Examples of UV stain colors on Alaskan Cedar overhead garage doors. Available to add to your order.

 1. Red Mahogany
 2. Jacobean
 3. Dark Walnut
 4. Special Walnut
 5. Early American



 6. Johnson Cherry
 7. Red Oak
 8. Red Toner
 9. Antique Cherry
10. Provincial



11. English Chestnut
12. Colonial Maple
13. Golden Oak
14. Natural

Finishing Prices:
9' doors....add $489

16' doors..add $815














Color Disclaimer: Due to variances among color displays. We will not be held responsible for color matching issues based solely on this chart alone. Choose your color from sample or catalog we send you.

We Make Custom Entry Doors and Glass Very Reasonable Pricing too! Call us for a quote 1-219-663-2279

Chicagoland Wood Doors Showroom is Open in Crown Point, Indiana - Dealers Welcome

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interior casing
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Consider the Unique Beauty of a Wood Overhead Garage Door

Not only do handcrafted wood garage doors stand out, they are highly durable and made to last. These insulted doors are offered in Clear Cedar, Knotty Cedar and Paint grades. High lift or low headroom kits are also available. There are many options available, including doors with transom windows.

The Advantage

Real estate studies have shown that wood garage doors not only increase the curb appeal of your home, they actually increase its monetary value. Remember this if you have cost concerns - you may get back every dime you put into this upgrade and possibly more. You will also enjoy the new look of your home every time you pull into the driveway.

Standard Features

All garage doors include:

Wood Overhead Doors

This new innovative product is becoming more popular. We expect this type of door to increase in popularity since it adds a truly unique and beautiful design element to a home. Our wood overhead doors are made from Alaskan Cedar. This material was specifically chosen for its durability, water resistance, and longevity. It is lightweight and yet retains a very strong frame. Another major benefit to this product is the quality of its insulation. No other product can compare!

If your garage has a standard size measurement, we may have a product ready for installation! Browse our selection today.