The Many Benefits of Alder Doors

Deciding to upgrade the entryway of a home should never be a hard decision, especially when it involves alder wood. This handsome wood species makes for beautiful doorways that are not only a pleasure to look at, but also offer many utilitarian benefits.

A Low Maintenance Option

Contrary to popular misconceptions, wood doors are significantly sturdier and more resistant than other door materials. Alder is especially weather resistant; next to zero maintenance is necessary regardless of climate. Wood doors are treated and stained to last, retain their seal, and retain their beautiful stain for years. The most diligent homeowner only needs to refresh the topcoat of the seal as needed. As a bonus, the toughness of rustic wood entry doors translates into safety. A solid wood door is more difficult to forcefully damage and creates a real seal of safety not offered by standard hollow materials.

An Affordable Green Option

One of the many benefits of alder doors is the positive impact of their presence on the wood market. When it comes to hardwoods, eco-friendliness is a hot button issue that causes many people to hesitate to invest. The strife and damage caused by irresponsible tropical wood harvesting have a lot of people questioning wood, even though it is the most natural material choice. There are many options of responsibly harvested local wood species that are just as beautiful. Alder is one of our native hardwoods that is grown across North America and is not endangered. This makes it an affordable and sustainable option that supports American businesses and helps reduce reliance on endangered species.

An Investment for the Future

Besides adding value through sheer beauty, a hardwood entryway is a real investment that increases the worth of a home. Rather than simply replacing doors as needed for essential functionality, consider a larger upgrade. Switching to a more decorative door design or material adds permanent value to the worth of a home. Homes with stunning entryways leave a lasting impression on guests as well, including potential buyers. Of the many benefits of alder doors, the lasting positive impact on a home’s worth easily makes installing one a meaningful effort.

Limitless Customization

When buying materials besides wood, what the factory produces is what you get. There are no options besides what’s on the shelf. This is strictly not true when it comes to wood. Virtually any design and shape can be produced, with many doors reaching into artisan levels of uniqueness and beauty.

At Nick’s Building Supply, we offer a wide range of solid alder wood doors in many styles and colors. In addition to a wide variety of handsome, ready-to-go doors, our staff can alter any door as needed. This includes raw wood for the more ambitious homeowner, as well as a wide range of fixtures and decorative metal additions. We also offer a variety of stain colors and finish textures that accentuate the beauty of knotty alder. All these choices make solid wood doors an amazing and rewarding decision for a home renovation project. Visit our online door store to browse our selection today.