How To Measure an Arched Doorway for a Door

Arched doorways and curved entryways have a stunning appearance reminiscent of historic structures. There is something inherently fascinating about anything different, and a door with a round top exteriors doors never fails to impress. These doors are always a favorite with guests and homeowners alike because of their one-of-a-kind beauty.

It’s no surprise that decorators are exploring innovative ways to bring these doors and entryways into modern homes. The increased interest has brought many opportunities for average do-it-yourselfers to install arched doors themselves. However, many don’t attempt this feat, fearing the odd shape would be impossible to frame. Luckily, learning how to measure an arched doorway for a door is much simpler than most people imagine.

How Arched Doorways Work

For everyone still worried about the math involved in cutting a curved doorway, relax. Arched doors come pre-hung to fit in a rectangular frame, just like any door. The hard work has been done for you, aside from measure and fitting the regular frame. While it is possible to create the ultimate DIY project and cut your own doorframe, it’s not at all necessary.

Preparing a Standard Jamb

The arched frame will fit inside a standard jamb of appropriate size. That is where measuring will be important. How to measure an arched doorway for a door comes down to accounting for the lack of stability caused by the space between the arches. To make up for the difference in stability that the spaces around the arch create, two diagonal bracing beams will be added diagonally at 45-degree angles. The arch frame will then be screwed to these beams and the rest of the jamb, securing it.

Afterward, the door only needs to be finished and made flush with any drywall or paneling that will embed it into the wall. Picturing the arc of the door as half a clock, screws will be inserted at the twelves one-thirty, three, nine, and ten-thirty positions. Those are the points where the curve of the door begins on either side, the zenith of the arc, and the halfway points. As previously mentioned, the latter points should meet the crossbeams as support. Further screws can be added to the rest of the rectangular sections of the door frame.

Measure for an Arched Frame

Essentially, an arched frame is measured the same as a standard frame. The heights and width of the jamb must be known, as should those of the frame. Arched doors should fall within the range of standard heights and widths, so unless a very unusual door was intentionally ordered, there should not be any surprises. Most doors fall within a range of thirty-six inches wide and eighty inches tall. Your arched doorway should fit this measurement, but if you need something more specific, we also create custom entryways.

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