The Benefits of Teak Wood Doors

Choosing a new door is an exciting part of renovating or remodeling a home. Though it might seem like a simple detail, a beautiful door has a powerful impact. Deciding on the style, type, and size of a door is a difficult task. Even more so, choosing a species of wood for your new door can greatly alter its look and how it matches the rest of the entryway. When it comes to exterior doors, one species has many benefits besides its handsome appearance. For most people, the benefits of teak wood doors include how hardy they are against inclement weather. However, there is much more to the advantages of these gorgeous doors!

High Durability

As mentioned, teak exterior wood doors are very resilient. Even in regions with harsh shifts in weather, teak wood holds out for years. The secret to its resilience is a surplus of oils and rubber that is naturally present in the fibers. These features ensure the wood absorbs little to no water regardless of the season. Other woods have much fewer oils and absorb water more readily. As such, they must be thoroughly sealed against weather and require more effort to upkeep. When not properly sealed, most woods will very quickly fall prey to threats such as mold, warping, cracking, and rot. Teak wood doors need much less elbow grease because they absorb less water even without a finish.

Low Maintenance

One of the greatest benefits of teak wood doors is how low maintenance they are. The durability of this wood species also applies to its beauty. Your new teak door is not only resistant to splitting, rotting, or wearing, but it’s also resistant to color loss. Even a door that has been left in the weather for years untended can be restored with minimal effort. In most cases, simply wiping down the wood with soapy water will clear away any moss or dirt. It’s also very easy to restore to its natural golden beauty with much less work than other woods.

Sustainable Future

Teak wood also has a valuable role to play in the health of our planet. Of the benefits of teak wood doors, sustainability is a significant detail. This attractive species of wood is typically grown in carefully managed tree farms. Using modern harvesting and replanting techniques helps maintain this population. This ensures that this wonderful species will be around for many generations to come. Aside from this, the availability of this hardwood species alleviates pressure put on other species that aren’t as well cared for and protected.

At Nick’s Building Supply, we carry many beautiful varieties of solid wood doors. All our species are responsibly harvested, and many are locally grown in the US. Explore our collection of traditional, modern, and custom doors and entryways for your next home renovation project.