The Advantages of Wooden Garage Doors

Choosing a garage door should never be a light decision. There are many things to consider, such as style, price, and material. Though most homeowners settle for drab and common materials like fiberglass, purchasing a garage door does not have to be a boring task at all. As with most things in the home, there is an opportunity at hand for personal expression as well as a boost in your home’s value. Wooden garage doors are luxurious and are often more accessible than the average person would assume.

Highly Customizable Look

Solid wood garage doors are not only unique, but they look great and come in a wide variety of design options that are not available in other materials. This is probably the most fun advantage of wooden garage doors. The sheer variety of wooden doors is staggering. Aside from simple choices such as stains and varnishes, wooden garage doors also come in a vast variety of shapes and designs. Whether someone is looking for an elegant and simple panel style or a more extravagant look, they can easily achieve their desired style in wood. Some of the more exciting door designs feature detailed beveling or metal accessories to give a regal and antique look. In addition, the savvy buyer can also choose from many different species of wood.

Variety of Options for Every Budget

One of the advantages of wooden garage doors that entice most people are the price options. There are a lot of price variables that depend on the construction, style, and species of wood. This means customers can find a door they love and can afford. Unlike with less interesting common garage door materials, wooden garage doors are not a one-price-fits-all purchase. At Nick’s Building Supply, homeowners can browse a vast collection of aesthetics, wood species, and prices that work for them. With wood doors, there is no generic or boring option with one tired price tag. Every item is custom made and priced fairly to meet each customer’s unique needs.

Easy To Fix and Maintain

Another nice advantage to wooden garage doors is that they are easy to care for. They do not suffer rust like metal doors, nor do they dent and scratch like fiberglass. Water is the only foe of wood, and you can easily stave it off with minimal preventative care. Simply apply a new coat of finish when it appears that the wood is losing its luster—this will lock the wood back in a watertight seal. Additionally, if damaged, it is very simple to repair a section of the door rather than replace the entire thing. They can also be updated at the homeowner’s leisure, as wood care products are available at most hardware stores. Wooden doors can be sanded, stained, and resealed as often as desired to protect them from weather or update their appearance.