Should Your Front Door Be the Same Color on Both Sides?

Owning a home enables creative freedom. Decide what color to paint the kitchen cabinets, choose different flooring for each room, and experiment with bold paints or wallpaper.

Some homeowners may overlook the importance of the color of the front door. It brings together the interior and exterior more than you might believe.

This idea poses an important question: should your front door be the same color on both sides?

Brighten the Exterior While Retaining a Comforting Interior

The color of your front door should pop, especially when drivers pass by on the street. Homeowners adore bright colors like teal, yellow, red, burgundy, and green. The front doors don’t need to be the same color on both sides at all! Explore your creative ideas while remembering the importance of choosing paint colors that complement your home.

Colors that Complement Each Space

The goal is to choose colors that complement your home’s interior and exterior. It doesn’t matter if you paint the exterior and interior the same color or choose something different for each side.

For example, the outside of the house may be painted white bricks with black accents on the windows and garage door. In this case, it’s easy to add a pop of color since white is a neutral tone! If it’s a red-bricked house, avoid colors that clash, like red and burgundy.

The same rules apply to the interior. A close match is bad interior designing. Find the exact paint color match or choose a complementary color that enhances the feeling of the space.

How To Know What Color To Use – Interior Side

More homeowners are experimenting with painting the walls of their homes burgundy, olive or sage green, and navy blue. The color of the door’s interior should be a neutral tone to balance the interior design. Gray, white, beige, dark brown, and black are lovely neutral colors and easy to pair with vibrant shades.

Neutral walls are the other side of this concept. Now, you have more freedom to explore a bright-colored door for the interior! Decide if your desired exterior paint color would be a good fit for the interior. This will bring a fun pop of color to the inside of the home!

Your home’s design is entirely up to you! The good news is that it doesn’t matter which type of door you have. Whether it’s a round-top exterior door, a Dutch door, or a modern front door with unique glass accents, you have the opportunity to explore how various paints will connect on the inside and outside of your front door!