5 Simple and Classy Ways To Decorate for Valentine’s Day

A day that lets you show your appreciation for the ones you love the most in the world, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of all forms of love. Those who truly adore the holiday can’t wait to decorate! Learn about five simple and classy ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day this year.

Subtle Accent Colors

The easiest way to decorate for Valentine’s Day is to add color to any room! Pink, red, and white are the traditional colors of the holiday. If you’re tired of the same old hues, try adding sparkly gold to the mix.

Garland Hearts

Hearts are one of the most popular symbols of the holiday. You can place a strand of garland hearts above the fireplace, hang it from the ceiling, or place it on the edges of your front door. Buy a set from your local store or make your own at home!

A homemade strand of garland will be a fun activity for the whole family to remember. Whether it’s a plaid patterned heart, a candy heart with your favorite phrases, or a simple outline of a heart, this minimalist decor will look perfect anywhere at home!

A Jar of Love Notes

Each Valentine’s Day, take out a glass jar and set it on a countertop or table. Make it visible for everyone to see! Sit down with your loved ones and write a few love notes on red and pink cardstock. Fold up the notes and place them in the jar.

It’s a subtle yet meaningful Valentine’s Day decoration that you can cherish. When the season is over, keep the notes and the jar and start fresh the following year!

A Vase of Roses

Roses are a symbol of love and Valentine’s Day. Find a small vase and fill it with fresh roses weekly or artificial roses that will last for the Valentine’s Day season. This is a classy decor piece to put on the coffee table, a side table, or the kitchen counter.

Wooden Plaque

Do you want to decorate your home’s exterior as well? Valentine’s Day wreaths can be on the verge of flashy and tacky. A subtler way to add some extra flair to your front doorstep is a wooden plaque.

Incorporate pink, red, white, and gold into your wooden sign. Try a hanging wooden sign for your door, or a tall resting “Welcome” sign to greet your guests. The small addition will bring joy to each person who walks up to your home.

Which simple and classy Valentine’s Day decorations sound perfect for you and your loved ones?

If you really want to create a permanent elegant and romantic look to your home, you will love adding a mission entry door to give your home an elevated appearance. This intricate design of wood and glass is perfect for any romantic searching for the ultimate decor piece.