The Perks of Getting a Pre-hung Door

Many times, when you are getting a new door, you will only see standalone doors from which to choose. While this can be good, you might realize that many of those doors do not match the frame and jamb you already have, which can make your home look sloppy. A great idea is to replace the entire unit with a pre-hung door, to ensure that your entire door system will look great and that it matches not just the jamb, but your home as well. Let’s look at three perks of getting one of these doors.


1. The Door Is Already Assembled In the Frame


Many times, people who install a door in their home will find that the one that is not pre-hung will give them more trouble. Things might not line up properly; the weather stripping might be faulty, or you might not have all the pieces the new door requires. Because of this, these doors are often one of the best options for people who are planning to replace their doors. It already comes assembled, and it will be shipped especially to you or the person doing the installation to make sure everything is in place and available.


2. Pre-hung Doors Are Easy To Install


As mentioned above, these doors will come already assembled, and it is because of this that they are easier to install. You do not have to worry about missing pieces, or that your door will be too small or large for the jamb already in place. Many installers prefer these types of doors, simply because it makes the process go smoothly and lowers the risk of anything being damaged throughout the process.


3. Weather Stripping Is Already In Place


An important element to any exterior door is proper weather-stripping. Many times, when you install a single door into an already existing jamb, you will find that the weather-stripping may not fit like it should. When you get pre-hung doors, you will be able to know that the weather-stripping is intact and fits perfectly, ensuring that neither rain nor other weather conditions make it into your home. Proper weather-stripping will also keep the cool or warm air inside your home, instead of leaking it outdoors. Properly fitted weather-stripping will ensure that you do not have to pay money to fix for water leaks, and that your energy bills will be significantly less throughout the summer and winter months.


In Closing


If you are thinking about replacing your doors, then it is a great idea for you to consider getting pre-hung doors. As you can see, they will save you significant trouble and headaches as you or your installer places the door in its chosen location.