Interior Doors Add Style

What’s a home without doors? They add style, enhance decor and provide privacy. Most people spend a fair amount of time thinking about all their options for their exterior doors, especially the front door, but just consider all the options you have for your interior doors.


How to Choose


  • Whether you’re building a new house and choosing doors, or are planning on replacing some or all of your interior doors, you’ve got a lot of choices ahead of you. So consider the room or passage way the door will be in, what you want it to accomplish, and the style you’re trying to achieve. Once you have the answers to these questions, the fun of deciding on your doors begins. So what other information will help choose your interior doors?
  • Know what kind of woods and styles are best for your particular need. For example, a solid wood door made out of a heavy wood is perfect if you want to reduce the amount of noise between rooms. A panel door or folding door is best as a divide and to signify passage to another area of the home.
  • Be creative. Your door is your canvass. Well, not really, but you can think of it as one. Decorative items can be added to your doors. If you have a two, three or six panel door, each panel can be the same or you can get creative and customize. Maybe with color or text or images.




  • You’ve got plenty of styles to choose from when buying interior doors.
  • The most common interior door is still the hinged door. They come in a variety of materials from full wood to glass paneled, it shuts into the doorway and opens in one direction. The biggest disadvantage to these doors is that since it opens into a room, it takes up valuable space. The exception to this description is the French door. Although it is a hinged door, it is actually a double door that meets and closes in the middle. One wing or both can be opened.
  • Bi-folding doors are a good option where space is of the utmost consideration. These doors have panels that fold up on themselves when the door is opened. These are great room dividers.
  • Sliding or Pocket Doors are great space savers in rooms and as a divider, but take a bit of expertise to install as they will “slide” into your interior walls.


So Many Choices


You have so many choices when it comes to interior doors. They can add such a new dimension to the decor of your home. They add light, shadow, depth and privacy. As well, they’re used to separate rooms, close of closets or pantries and even to divide or section-off part of a room.


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