Patio Doors: Gateway To The Outer World

If you have a back yard or a partially-above-ground basement apartment, you may want to talk to the professionals at Nick’s about installing patio doors. Patio doors are a relatively new addition. As part of the International style of pre-war Europe, they resembled Japanese traditional sliding and panel doorways. Although a pre-war invention, this type of door did not become truly popular until following World War II. Those who bought into the American post-war dream of suburbia found this sliding glass door becoming an essential component of their lifestyle.

Sliding glass doors quickly became the standard for many different types of structures. Beside the stereotypical suburban bungalow, they have come to be normal for townhouses of all price ranges. Hotels and motels feature patio doors. Even condominiums and some apartment structures have sliding glass doors separating their living space from something as small as a two-person balcony.

The Purpose of Patio Doors

Patio doors are purposeful while decorative. They have two distinct but related purposes:

  1. Provide access to decks, patios, balconies and other outdoor areas.
  2. Allow someone inside to look outside at the view.

Types of Patio Doors

Patio doors are not a homogenous unit. They do, however, have in common one simple fact. The largest component of their makeup is not wood but glass. The sheer amount of glass used is one reason why this style of door is recent when compared to other types. Technology is also partially responsible for the various styles or types of patio doors available from our wholesale outlets. At Nick’s we have available several types of patios doors:

Patio Doors

  • French Doors: they differ from traditional through use of a double pane glass to ensure protection against the elements
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • French Slider
  • Telescoping Patio Door
  • Folding Glass Doors

In general, all of the above type of doors provides an egress that is larger than that of the normal exit door for your home; however, they may also be much larger. In fact, certain patio doors may also encompass the entire kitchen, living room or even bedroom wall. This type of patio door is called a long span patio door.

Choosing Patio Doors

Choosing the right patio door for your home can be a challenge unless you talk to our professionals. At Nick’s we can provide advice on French sliding and bi-fold types. You need to consider at least these design elements before you choose the right patio doors for your home. Visit for more information.