Entrance Doors: More Than a Slab of Wood

Doors frame many memories in our life. They record the coming and going of family, friends and lovers. They open our home up to the ordinary pleasures of our lives. In the future, we will often remember that house as a place where we were happy or even sad and it is all because of who crossed the threshold of our entrance doors.

Entrance Doors

Entrance Doors: a Focal Point

Every fa├žade has a focal point; which, for most homes, is the entranceway. All routes end up in front of the entrance doors of a home. While in the past, servants and delivery persons went around the back, they still were very conscious of the door that was forbidden to them. Depending upon their culture and the era in which they lived, the residents of a home have always regarded the selection of the front door as significant.

Entrance doors are also a focal point in two other ways. Its placement indicates its prominence to those pausing in front of the home or walking by on a sidewalk. If the style, color or design is unique or dramatic enough, those driving by will also notice it first. Sometimes, unfortunately, the door stands out to all and sundry for the wrong reasons. Its size, style, color or shape clash or negate the architectural style of the building. At Nick’s we try to make sure you are aware of the vast selection of wood doors we have. By talking to professionals, you can reduce the chances of making an error that will downgrade the value of your home and not express your true intent.

Entrance Doors: Welcoming or Impressing Guests and Family Alike

Your doorway is the opening to your home, the entry point to your own private world. It is a portal through which honored guests and longtime friends find their way into your home. As such, your door can be truly welcoming. It can also be dramatic or impressive. In fact, entrance doors can convey a range of sensations or opinions about the home and all who reside within. They do so through a variety of subtle or not so subtle stylistic designs, colors, qualities and hardware.

Purchasing Entrance Doors

Consider the difference between rustic and mansion style doors. Look at the effects a bright yellow door has when compared to a white or mahogany brown one. Victorian homes favored ornate and heavily-decorated panel doors; earlier eras preferred batten ones. Today, you have access to a wide range of entrance doors. At Nick’s, we provide you with a chance to decide whether your home would look best with a Mission or Mansion style door. We help you make your entrance doors express your attitude towards the outer world while preserving the sanctity and security of your inner home. Visit nicksbuilding.com for more information.