Most Common Reasons for Wood Door Damage

If your home has the pleasure of including a wood door as the main entryway, you’ll notice that the door’s natural features are prone to wear, tear, and functionality concerns. As your wood door ages, drastic weather changes can warp the product, and humidity levels encourage mold growth and unwanted pests. These factors are some of the most common reasons for wood door damage. Fortunately, you can fix these annoying issues to prolong the life span of your entryway.

Loose Hinges and Screws

When screws become loose, they can misalign hinges and cause the wood door to hang or shift unevenly. Loose hinges can result in off-kilter doors that stick and rub against the doorframe. Upon opening, the door can shift and rock, promoting instability. If you have to force your wood door shut, you’ll also increase the chance of damaging the structure.

Faulty Strike Plates

Wood doors that refuse proper latching often have a strike plate issue. When this component misaligns, the latch barrel won’t meet the plate hole. Some homeowners may ignore this concern and slam the door to ensure proper latching. Unfortunately, this won’t fix the problem, and it could even make it worse.

Improper Installation

Improper installation poses a significant risk to wood doors. Crookedness, corner damage, and operation discrepancies are sure signs of a door that needs adjustment. If the entryway isn’t visibly uneven, another sign to watch for is a door that squeaks every time you open and close it.

Foundation Damage

When you experience foundation issues within your home, you’ll notice that wood doors and windows stick more easily. If this is an issue, consider having them readjusted.

Wood doors are beautiful, natural additions to homes, but taking care of them is vital to their durability and strength. Luckily, catching these most common reasons for wood door damage allows for quick fixes that prolong the use of your entryway.

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