4 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Front Door

Curb appeal is an essential piece of your home’s exterior presence, with your front door being a leading star. As the central entry point to your residence, front doors should reflect a warm external aesthetic and entice visual interest.

Unfortunately, factors like weather, along with routine wear and tear, can affect your front door’s appearance over time. However, there are four simple ways to refresh your front door to impress your guests.

Add a Fresh Layer of Paint or Varnish

Inclement weather conditions and sunlight have an unpleasant way of affecting paint jobs. Rain, sleet, and snow can cause exterior paint to crack and peel right off. Extreme temperature drops cause wooden doors to expand and contract, weakening bonds between paint layers and painted surfaces.

If this happens, consider scraping old paint and sanding down your front door before applying a new paint color. If you prefer the natural color of wood, consider varnishing your entryway to allow the natural grooves and hues to shine.

Update Hardware and House Numbers

If you choose to repaint or varnish your front door, you’ll want to commit by updating hardware like knobs, locks, and door knockers. New brass components can coordinate with entryways and bring your renovation project together. You can also replace house numbers to match your new hardware.

Incorporate Greenery To Decorate Entryways

Every front door can benefit from the occasional decorative shrubbery to boost its appearance. Hanging plants around the door frame or situating large potted greenery to the side of the frame is a simple yet effective way to introduce change to your property.

Replace Your Welcome Mat

Like front doors, door mats need a bit of love, too! After months of rough weather and traffic, carpets will be dirty and unappealing. Consider switching out your welcome mat after each season to keep things new and fresh.

A wooden front door is an appealing feature to boost your home’s curb appeal. However, years of weather and sun damage can affect appearances. Luckily, you can use these simple ways to refresh your front door that touch base on maintenance, restoration, and aesthetics.

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