Hardwood vs. Softwood Doors: Understanding the Difference

The difference between hardwood and softwood doors is fairly simple. Figuring out which type of door your home would benefit the most from is another story. At Nick’s Building Supply, we offer a vast range of hardwood and softwood doors for every aesthetic. We strive to assemble quality doors at a cheaper price. As a leading door wholesaler in the United States, we only sell real wood doors. From exterior to interior, we offer custom fittings to guarantee our customers satisfaction. Nick’s Building Supply offers a stress-free process when it comes to upgrading your home’s interior or exterior.

Hardwood vs. Softwood Simplified

Timber can be split into two different types of wood, hardwood and softwood. When it comes to the definition of hardwood and softwood, it can be a little misleading. Some hardwoods are soft, and some softwoods can be hard. If you are trying to figure out what type of wood is best for your home, the important thing to know is that each wood type has different properties and suits different needs. At Nick’s Building Supply, we are here to help you navigate the home improvement process when it comes to figuring out what type is best for you. 

Hardwood: Hardwoods, like its name, typically have higher durability levels and are stronger making them less flexible. This is because hardwood is made up of four different types of cells. Trees that produce hardwood are typically fruit trees such as apple or walnut. 

Softwood: When it comes to softwood, it doesn’t mean that this particular type of wood is “soft.” The physical difference between hardwood and softwood is that softwood is made up of two different types of cells instead of its counterpart hardwood with four. Softwood doors are normally more sustainable and can have better thermal properties- this makes them most cost-effective. An example of a tree that produces softwood is a pine tree. 

When it comes to deciding on which type of door to purchase, taking into consideration style, longevity, reduced moisture, repelling insects, can help you to decide which style is best for you. Here at Nick’s Building Supply, we can help you navigate these considerations. 

Hardwood and Softwood Doors Available at Nick’s Building Supply

Nick’s Building Supply offers a vast range of wooden doors, both hard and soft wood. With over 30 years of experience as well as being a leading door wholesaler, Nick’s Building Supply strives to provide quality products and services. If you are looking to upgrade your home’s interior or exterior doors, Nick’s Building Supply is your one stop shop for all things doors. Contact us today at 219-663-2279, or visit our website to view our range of beautiful doors.