Great Tips to Maintain Your Wood Garage Door


Simple Steps to Maintain the Beauty of Wood Garage Doors

Nick’s Building Supply offers a top selection of styles and designs of wood garage doors. This includes both stained and painted doors, so you have the option to create just the look you want for your garage.

Often, people have questions about how to care for their doors and about routine maintenance that will keep doors looking beautiful. In any climate and in any location, routinely caring for your doors adds to curb appeal and will extend the life of the doors.

Paint Grade Doors
If you order our paint grade doors, they will arrive to you pre-primed. This means that the first coat is on the doors, all you need to do is choose the color and paint type, and complete the painting process.

It is important to follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions for application. Never apply the paint in temperatures outside of the recommended range and choose days where the wind will not blow dust and debris onto the freshly painted surface.
There are several factors that will impact the frequency of repainting your doors. These include weather conditions at your location and the quality of paint that you use.

Stained Doors
Many of our customers are very pleasantly surprised to find that stained doors require less maintenance than painted wood doors. If you do need to stain the door for any reason, or perhaps you just want to change the color in a few years, you will need to do the following:

  1. Sand the door completely to remove just the surface layer of the stain and any protectant, such as a sealant, that has been applied. This allows the new stain to be uniformly absorbed into the wood for an even tone and color across the door.
  2. Choose your stain color and type. With staining, you have the option to go darker or lighter than the last stain, whichever you choose. It is a good idea to test the stain on a small area of the door, out of sight, to see the final color before staining the entire door.
  3. Apply the stain evenly across the door and as per the manufacturer’s instructions. After the stain has completely dried, you can add UV-protectant sealants or other protective layers to help preserve the door.

We always recommend taking a careful look at the surface of the door at least once every few months. If you see any signs of rubbing or discoloration of the stain, check to make sure the door is running smoothly in the tracks and not twisting or catching.