Wooden Copper Doors: A Solution to Your Needs as a Homeowner

Copper has been used in architecture since the days of Ancient Egypt, when the doors of temples were made by cladding them with the metal. It was also used in other parts of the house, especially on the roof, because it was considered a very long lasting material. Nowadays, copper doors are common among homeowners due to their authenticity and durability. They also have other benefits, as outlined below.

Long-Lasting Doors that are Resistant to Corrosion

Copper doors are extremely strong when it comes to withstanding corrosion. The metal elements form a natural protective coating, which prevents the structure from being affected by polluted air, saline water, and chemicals, both organic and processed. This feature makes the doors less susceptible to damage over the years, as the copper reacts very slowly with other naturally-occurring elements.

Low maintenance

Copper doors are ideal for homeowners who undertake little maintenance in their houses. They can go for a long while without being cleaned by a rug and water, and is not easily spoiled by human activities or extreme weather conditions. Therefore, they can stay for a very long time under normal circumstances without repair or replacement, as the rate of aging is very slow. This makes them a very economical and convenient option when compared to pure wood and other materials.

Decorative Looks and Aesthetic Value

Architectural copper has evolved over the years, from a basic metal to a decorative and stylish element. This makes copper doors possess a certain distinctive aesthetic value that enhances the appearance of the house and other parts of a building. As a homeowner or designer, one can create consistency in the building by installing a copper roof and incorporating copper metal in the hinges, frames, and handles. Having elements of copper design in your interior decor, such as wall hangings and furniture, is a unique way to display artistic skill and creativity.


The naturally-occurring metal is very light compared to its counterparts like aluminum and steel. Copper doors are clad with metal elements that are even lighter, making the door a viable option for use in architecture. Many designers prefer a relatively light but stable door that will not tear off the hinges due to the excessive weight.

Therefore, go modern and decide to use copper doors for both you interior and exterior needs. Remember, quality is key.