Why 3-Point Locking Systems Are Better Than Single-Point

When setting up your front or back door with a set of locks, take time to consider all the benefits of installing a three-point locking system. Three-point locking systems provide a terrific combination of safety, security, beauty, and other benefits, especially in comparison to traditional and standard single-point systems.

The primary difference between a three-point and single-point locking system is in the name. While the single-point lock uses one lock or bolt near the lock where users implement the key, three-point locks feature three bolts distributed throughout the door.

So, why would you want a three-point locking system? Follow along as we explore why three-point locking systems are better than single-point.

Extra Security

Let’s begin with the most obvious answer. When you install multi-point locking door hardware, you have a higher level of security. A single-point lock provides basic protection from anyone trying to enter your home, office, or other space. If they can’t turn the knob, they can’t enter. This system is all well and good, but single-point door locks present a weak defense. Bad actors can pick them, and their single-point of contact with the doorframe is easy to kick in or pry open with a crowbar or other device. Multi-point locks meet with the frame at three levels, presenting a firmer hold that is much more difficult to break through.

Extra Support

Your wooden door is under constant pressure from gravity, use, and the elements. Most of the weight rests on the hinges, which do their duty all day long, year in and year out. Sometimes, the most extensive damage comes from the passage of time rather than a vandal or home invader. Give the door and its hinges a bit of extra support with a multi-point locking system. When the door shuts, the extra connection points relieve pressure on the hinges and the rest of the wooden door, lending extra stability to both sides of the frame.

Saving Energy

Wooden doors don’t just keep the bad guys out; they also keep the “good” air in (and the “bad” air out as well)! Your HVAC system or other devices toil to preserve a level of comfort in your home. Whether it’s cool air in the summer or warm air in the winter, you want to maintain control over air temperatures in your home. Weatherproofing your wooden doors and windows and caulking cracks in the walls are two vital steps. Adding weatherstripping to the door jambs is necessary as well, but a secure fit is what makes your door a bulwark against bad weather and lost heat and cold. Give your wooden door another level of defense with a three-point locking system that will keep the door shut and evenly set.

Extra Savings

There’s no getting around it: a multi-point locking system will run you more than a single-lock one. But that extra expense is worth it over time. The energy savings mentioned above allow you to spend less money heating or cooling the house, even by a small degree. Protecting your possessions is another form of savings, since you won’t have to incur the added expense of replacing them. Add to that the extra costs of replacing the locks or even an entire wooden door after a break-in or major storm. Your insurer may even provide a discount on your policy and premiums if you can prove you take extra precautions to protect your home with a three-point locking system. Talk to your insurance agent or other representative to be sure such a deal exists—you might be surprised!

Curb Appeal

Security doesn’t have to be ugly! Depending on the system’s style, a three-point locking system can beautify your wooden doors, adding charm and elegance as well as safety. Multi-point door locks can add a sleek and modern look or add vintage appeal, even if they’re brand-new. Explore your options and install a system that accents the beauty of your solid wood doors. On the flip side, a serious and sturdy-looking three-point lock system gives more industrial-looking doors extra oomph. Should you ever decide to sell the property, think of what potential buyers are looking for and pick the look with the most curb appeal for your neighborhood or business.

Flexibility and Variety

Generally, with a few exceptions, you can install three-point locking systems on any type of door, including panel, flush, fresh, French doors, sliding doors, and others. The material doesn’t matter either, whether the door is solid wood, metal, fiberglass, or otherwise. The point is that several bolts or locks secure the door by putting it in contact with the frame or other door. No matter the style, three-point locks will keep the door or doors steady, secure, and safe.

A Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Knowing your wooden doors are more secure with the help of three-point or multi-point locking systems is good for your mental health! When you install them, you can rest assured that whether you and your family or employees are present or far away, your residence or facility is safe. Three-point locking systems let invaders, vandals, thieves, and practitioners of industrial espionage know that you’re not an easy mark. Any attempt to break in demands more time, effort, and attention than they want or are willing to give. Set up all your home’s wooden doors, inside and out, with three-point locking systems to present an image of unassailability. You may never know how many break-ins you avert, but rest assured—your efforts make a difference!

What’s Next?

Exploring why three-point locking systems are better than single-point can help you make the right decision for your home’s wooden doors. If you have questions about setting up your home or facility with three-point or other locking systems, contact us today. We’ll provide a consultation and explore your options for adding new locking systems, wooden doors, and other elements to your property. We’re in the business of providing custom-made solid wood doors, door hardware, casing, finishing, and staining for almost any sort of door. Contact us today—we’re looking forward to hearing from you!