Things You Need To Know About Today’s Wooden Doors


When it comes to doors, wooden doors have been around since man first thought of building permanent lodging and protecting themselves. This has led, over time, to a lot of misunderstandings about the modern designs and technology behind today’s wooden doors.

At Nick’s Building Supply we use only the best in technology and design to create each one of our doors. With this attention to detail and our experience in making doors that spans almost four decades, we can absolutely let you know that the quality doors we produce do not have some of the issues that have been attributed to wood doors in the past.

New Technology in Design and Construction

In days gone by wooden doors were made of solid wood planks. In addition, there was no way to seal these doors, which meant that moisture could get into the outside of the door, freeze in the winter or simply penetrate the door and cause the wood to swell on one side. This, in turn, caused problems with warping and twisting of the wood.

With our new door-construction technology, this is a problem that has been completely resolved with our doors. With our solid wood doors, they are carefully constructed to allow for natural expansion and contraction of the wood through precision construction. This is combined with our use of specialized sealants and stains to prevent any moisture issues, eliminating the issue completely.

Our engineered doors include a stabilized center surrounded by inch and three-quarter panels, a rubber expansion chamber and specially-engineered stiles and rails. This creates wooden doors that are not going to warp, twist or buckle, and that will also be durable, long lasting and will provide a high-insulation value.

New Stains and Sealers

With our custom, in-house staining option we fully prepare your doors using our state-of-the-art equipment, and carefully pay attention to hand sanding between applying coats.

We use only low VOC, transparent acrylic stain that penetrates the wood to provide the most even staining possible. With the hand sanding and the use of special spray equipment to apply the stain and the sealant, the door is fully protected from moisture, sunlight and insects.

The sealant we use is also commercial quality, and it’s non-yellowing and water resistant. It will provide a completely clear finish that is the best quality possible, further adding years to the life of the stain and maintaining your door in top shape in all weather conditions.