The Trend of Hidden Hinges and Concealed Hardware

In the world of interior design, subtlety and sophistication often take center stage. A rising trend that perfectly captures this aesthetic shift is the use of hidden hinges and concealed hardware. The trend of hidden hinges and concealed hardware is an approach that enhances the visual appeal of spaces but also introduces a seamless blend of functionality and style. At Nick’s Building Supply, we offer a vast range of different styles of hinges and hardware for every home’s aesthetic.  

Why Hidden Hinges and Concealed Hardware Are Popular

Hidden hinges and concealed hardware is becoming more and more popular amongst homeowners and designers. The idea is simple yet impactful – to minimize visual distractions and to help create a clean, uninterrupted aesthetic. Here are a few ways why incorporating hidden hinges and concealed hardware can benefit your home:

Sleek Aesthetics: Concealed hardware lends a sleek and minimalist look to doors, cabinets, and furniture. The absence of visible elements promotes uncluttered and a sophisticated ambiance. 

Versatility in Design: Hidden hinges and concealed hardware offers a solution to seamlessly incorporate them into a variety of design styles from modern to contemporary to transitional and even classic. This makes them an attractive choice for diverse design preferences.

Space Optimization: Concealed hardware contributes to the illusion of more space. Without the distraction of exposed hinges or handles, the eye is free to roam across surfaces, making rooms and entryways appear larger. 

Modern Aesthetic Features At Nick’s Building Supply

Nick’s Building Supply offers an extensive range of high-quality products that include durable garage doors, hinges and hardware and elegant wooden doors. Being a leading door wholesaler in the United States, we understand the need for functionality and design in your home. Our range of products is to ensure our customers find something to complement their home’s aesthetic always. If you’re ready to invest in your home, reach out to us today!