The Different Styles of Wooden Garage Doors

Garage doors are one of the most prominent features of your home’s exterior. They serve as a preview of the owner’s style and offer a taste of what type of interior design lies in wait. The social aspect is important not only for you but also for the valuation of your home. This is because a quality garage door attracts curb appeal to those who approach your house with more commercial prospects. Your home’s exterior uniformity is unique to your taste; whether you decorate that with the intent to sell or for yourself, considering the different styles of wooden garage doors is important. These are just some suggestions to get you started.


The classic panel design is the standard for most garage doors, and it is not without good reason. This modern garage door design has a simple attraction that never feels out of the ordinary. Customization for this type of door normally revolves around the kind of windows a client wants on the top of the door. This ranges from additional panel designs to long arc windows. An appreciation for symmetry goes hand-in-hand with this design. Though you will not be challenging any design norms, this is a simple and safe design that has proven to be a staple for those with a traditional home in mind.


Tri-fold garage doors take you back to the old-fashioned style of doors that serve as a callback to some and a welcome change to others. These doors are also known as sectionals or overheads because of their convenient ability to fold up and escape back out of the way to allow room for your needs. Tri-folds are unique in their methods of opening and allow a unique look when used with woods that have a strong natural grain. The opening method is quick and efficient, with each panel being customizable to your design preference. For those who want to put a twist on traditional but still have an option that is both efficient and unique, a tri-fold door has the potential to be that perfect fit for you.


Ranch-style doors are one of the go-tos for a more personable and warm appeal to your home while remaining unique and aesthetically pleasing. Ranch-style doors invoke exactly what you likely assume—a homely style vibe that is reminiscent of the countryside kind of life. Though it detracts from the standard norms of typical home design, it is not necessarily uncommon, either. Whether your home is a ranch-style or not isn’t important, as the aesthetic is focused on simple and relaxed living. Much like the classic style, ranch-style garage doors are all about a wholesome symmetry that blends well with other exterior décor or contrasts from the outer material of the house. For example, using solid wood garage doors against a stone façade adds an extra layer of depth to the home’s exterior while still pushing that southern comfort style to the forefront of your mind.


For those with a more modern and minimalistic taste, contemporary garage doors are the cream of the crop. There are several avenues you have the option of taking with these types of doors. This is because a contemporary-style garage door comes in many forms depending on the role you want it to play in your home’s overall exterior presentation. The characteristic that persists, however, is their simplistic design of them. Making a statement with large plank solid wood garage doors lets the wood speak for itself while viewers ogle the quality of the material. There is nothing particularly ornate with this style; rather, it is a reminder of the natural beauty that remains from the source, as the style pays tribute to wood by making an example of its natural qualities.

Contemporary garage doors are built with high-quality materials, while the eye for design remains intact through the process. The creativity of these doors often leads to more striking and memorable impressions. Some varieties opt for large, tinted-glass panels to complement a more open style of design throughout the home. Others choose a more modernistic approach with contrasting panels against a solid background. Whether you want a prominent beauty or a more elegant and subtle presentation, contemporary garage doors fit several options and styles for the modern taste.


An homage to old-fashioned styles, carriage garages are different from the other doors in that they open similarly to interior doors. This method differs among models to increase space but allows maximum customization of the garage overall. These doors are usually found in homes where owners choose to turn their garage into a recreational room rather than for parking and storage. However, this does not stop others from still using their garage for their cars. It is important to keep in mind that there is a more manual process to this, and unless special accommodations are made, it is necessary to open the doors by hand every time entrance is required. Carriage garage doors offer a sophisticated look to your home while enhancing your safety. This is because several layers of wood are used to produce this carriage style. Carriage garages are big and difficult to break down, thus providing excellent security for your home.


A natural wooden Tudor-style door is a marvel of craftsmanship to admire. These medieval-style doors pay homage to a bygone era while continuing to make a memorable appearance in your modern age living. Go back in time with this early-Renaissance style while maintaining current quality and security. Tudor garage doors range from detailed wooden designs that accentuate the grain of the tree they originated from or draw from more traditional accents reminiscent of their past glamor. There is a distinct appeal to these types of doors, and they serve to add a unique touch to any home looking to detract from the typical norms of their neighborhood or area.

Choosing a garage door for your home does not have to be a complicated endeavor. By considering the different styles of wooden garage doors, you set yourself up for a unique home that makes a statement to guests when they step onto your driveway. Whether you want to up your curb appeal for yourself or future buyers, it is hard to disappoint when you add any of these complementary styles to your exterior design.

The Different Styles of Wooden Garage Doors