Refinishing Rustic Doors for a more Refined Look

Every homeowner looks for unique elements that will make the home look and feel better. An example of a popular element is the installation of wooden rustic doors on the interior and exterior spaces. They are a great embellishment to simple structures and provide a natural feel given the wood-like appearance of the material. You should have them refinished regularly to prevent them from becoming dull, hence maintaining their gracefully aged appearance.

Engage an Expert

Many rustic door dealers offer services in maintenance and servicing with the main purpose of maintaining its natural look and prolonging its lifespan. Look for someone who has done such projects for quite some time, as they have the proper experience to produce the desired results. Refinishing your doors is not a time-consuming process per se, and it is considered quite affordable. Therefore, you should be able to do it without any inconveniences.

Remove the Old Finish

The first and most important step of the whole process is getting rid of the existing finish. This requires precise skill to avoid damaging the door and incurring in additional and unnecessary expenses. Decide between sanding it off or using chemical agents to get rid of it. Sanding rustic doors involves using a belt sander and hand sand paper to scrub off the finishing. It works well on both flat areas and carved sections, although it requires a lot of effort and might take some considerable amount of time. It is, however, cheaper and more environmentally-friendlythan using chemical products.

Apply the New Finish for the Desired Look

There are several options to choose, from solid paints to colorful stains and shiny sealants. Shiny sealants are used to bring out the natural appearance of aging wood in rustic doors and are a great way to make them exude vibrancy. All you need to do is to apply several coats of clear vanish to the exterior, to achieve an amazing finish. A more professional job would include the application of several stains and light paints to achieve an antique tint that looks like fake or old wood.

The Art of Distress Looked Doors

The process of removing the old finishes from rustic doors takes away many of its special features, like naturally formed holes and dents. Hit the door several times with a hammer or a chain to bring out the effect of wood that has survived through damaging situations. This rugged look and feel is what makes rustic doors unique.