Reasons To Get Dutch Doors for a Home

When it comes to interior and exterior entryways, there are a lot of options, to say the least. One often overlooked but famous style of door is Dutch variety. These doors feature a hinge at their center and have many unique advantages.

Add Rural Charm

The most obvious of reasons to get Dutch doors for a home is to take advantage of their delightful charm. Out in the calm countryside, this type of door is popular with farmhouse owners. We think of warm kitchens and quiet homesteads whenever these fun entryways show up.

Although it originates from the Dutch countryside, this type of door sparks the imagination of people around the world. They have such a subtle and quaint style to them. Here at Nick’s Building supply we totally agree it’s hard not to fall immediately in love with them! They remind people of simpler times and gentle summers.

Controlled Accessibility

Back in the day, various farm animals and pets often had the ability to roam freely on the land owned by a family. Dutch style doors have always been a terrific asset for dissuading stubborn dogs, goats, and other essential agricultural allies from trespassing into the house.

Nowadays, besides keeping the kids and more domestic furry friends where they ought to be, Dutch doors also let homeowners better manage interactions. In a time of limited contact, flinging back half the door sends a clear signal about space.

Deliveries can be safely set on the shelf, and visitors can be spoken to or viewed without allowing immediate access to a home. With both the upper and lower door featuring locks, they’re a secure way to have a peak outside a home without making any commitments to let anyone inside.

Let In the Light and Air

Besides looking great and helping manage traffic, Dutch doors have an even greater perk. Historically, this type of door was created to let in the full benefits of light and air without leaving doors ajar.

As an added feature, we also offer a wonderful shelf at the meeting place of the upper and lower door. In strategic locations Dutch style interior doors can increase a home’s storage space by utilizing the shelf that appears when the top door is opened. Plants can easily be allowed to sun for a few extra hours in sunny spot usually obstructed by a solid door, and items fresh out of the oven can be cooled while freeing up valuable counter space in the kitchen.

Of all the reasons to get Dutch doors for a home, the best is our signature custom guarantee. Here at Nick’s Building Supply, we totally understand the need to make a home look how you want. Dutch doors don’t only come in the typically plain panel variety. We offer a wide array of pre-hung handsome and affordable Dutch doors, plus our various door options can be altered into Dutch doors, ensuring the door you pick matches the aesthetic of your home.