Go Rustic with Alder Doors for the Inside and Outside

If you are selecting a door for a specific appearance and style, we would really like to introduce the concept of our line of rustic doors. These alder doors are beautiful, practical, and stylish, and they come in a range of different options and features to suit any home decor.

When it comes to rustic, we think of the design itself, the overall impression the door gives, as well as the type of wood we choose for the door. These three components have to work in harmony to create the look of Old World style, combined with new options in security, beauty, and those little finishing touches.

The Wood

We offer two different options in alder doors, one style uses a medium distressed alder and the other features knotty alder. Both woods have the same rich colors and visible grain in the wood that are reminiscent of handcrafting the doors and both show that careful attention was put into choosing each piece for just the right grain.

We also offer knotty alder wood in all our rustic door designs, as well as in our interior doors. This will allow you to coordinate the wood of your front door with other doors throughout the home.

Knotty alder has distinctive dark areas in the wood, called knots, which naturally occur throughout the wood. These are unique to each tree, so the pattern of knots in one door will be different than that of any other door produced.

Not only does this enhance the original quality of the doors, but it also means that your door has true character and distinction, something that can easily be highlighted by the color of the stain that you choose.

The Features

To add to the features of our exterior alder doors, we give you the option to choose wrought iron speakeasy grills, a design element that will really stand out. These can be small or large and allow you to have the option to see who is outside.

We can also offer a small round or square glassed in window behind the grill, or perhaps on its own with caming through the glass, to give a softer look. These are available in the traditional rustic round-top door shapes, in arched doors, or with standard square tops.