Door Trends: Key Colors, Designs, and Styles

As a complementing feature in a residence, the wood doors to your home are worth more than just welcoming you and your guests. Exterior and interior entryways are structures that enhance the appearance of a residence and have a significant impact on curb appeal.

As time passes, many abodes undergo home improvement projects that require style changes to accommodate unique architectural movements. In this article, you’ll explore some key colors, designs, and styles that contribute to the recent wood door trends for homes.

Door Designs

The make of an entrance can feature many design elements that may work well in your home. Furthermore, there are several wood door constructions that complement many modern properties today.

Full-Height wood Doors: Full-height doors, also known as ceiling doors, get their name from their unique ability to extend vertically over an entire wall. Due to their great height, these entrances are often more slender alternatives that create visual interest and elegance in a space. Full-height wood doors also allow light between rooms to disperse better and in greater quantity, illuminating an area naturally.

Wide Doors: More architectural home layouts incorporate the use of larger structures like doors and windows. Especially common in open floor design plans, wide doors cater to the multifunctional necessities of a property by making a statement inside the space while considering reduced dimensions.

Sliding Doors: Sliding entrances, also known as floor-to-ceiling doors, can operate inside and outside of a wall in a home. By choosing a sliding entryway that moves inside the wall, these options can fit into the walls themselves.

However, a retractable door will not accommodate an entryway to fit inside the wall, which can pose a concern for cables, sockets, and switches in the vicinity.

Door Colors

While many wood types offer contrasting shades and hues that complement your home’s accents and features, the colors separate into the following categories:

Deep Dark: Dark tones are making their comeback in home design after many years of letting Scandinavian-style structures shine in the spotlight. Amongst these deep pigments are black oak, dark mahogany, and walnut.

These hues are rich with pigment; however, it’s vital to note that dark tones have brighter surroundings like marble additions to contrast against to avoid creating narrow spaces.

Bright Color: On the other hand, more brilliant shades are returning in a vibrant way. Most common with interior wooden doors, bright hues are a homeowner favorite when painting to blend in with a room or introduce a pop of color.

Colored interior wood doors provide a heightened elegance to an area that light and delicate shades of Scandinavian style can often overlook.

Door Styles

A wood door’s style and presence are essential to incorporate in an interior and exterior design plan to ensure a cohesive layout on the property. Here are a few trending styles to consider that could elevate your home’s look.

Cottage Style Oak: This farmhouse-style option is incredibly versatile with a variety of interior design themes. Famous design features like vertical paneling are reminiscent of classic English country cottage—but with a modern twist.

Dutch Doors: A classic option in Americana home design, Dutch doors are unique entryways that consider functionality and style to embody the farmhouse aesthetic. Having origins in Europe, these entrances were common to keep out livestock from entering cottages and homes. However, its dual opening maintained barriers while not depriving residents of fresh air.

Dutch-style doors are most familiar to see towards the rear of a home so that homeowners can keep an eye on young ones playing in the backyard. These entrances are also great to place in areas like the laundry room or home office.

Monster Double Doors: Monster double doors are massive entryways that can reach a height of twelve feet and an outstanding width up to ten feet. These grandeur entrances are available in many styles, wood types, and designs to match all homes no matter the architectural makeup of the property.

Due to their majestic size and weight, these doors function best on barn tracks or pivot hinges that allow them to serve as movable walls that are fantastic additions to modern open floor plans. While not as sturdy as a wall, monster doubles are a design-forward choice that can spruce up your interior look.

Additional Aspects To Consider

There are additional factors that can influence your door shopping. For instance, you might wonder if it is necessary to select the exact style doors throughout your home or if you can get away with experimenting with different variations of the style.

While it is best to keep all entrances coordinated, you can certainly experiment with variations depending on the area of the residence. In the living room, you might enjoy wooden double doors with large, glass panels, while a solid wood entryway in front of a bedroom can guarantee more insulation and privacy.

On another note, how would you coordinate all the wood doors in your abode? The most straightforward and most efficient approach to achieve cohesiveness is to consider your color palette. If you’re working with neutrals in your home, you might want to stick with delicate shades to avoid creating visual distractions that could deter from the appeal.

You can accomplish a unified appearance by either choosing a light wood type or painting your entrances to match the interior. However, you can save the bright, fun colors for the exterior side of your front door as it gives a fun, exciting feeling.

Your home may undergo a few transformations and upgrades throughout your ownership to maintain its curb appeal and meet your standards. From paint jobs and construction upgrades to door trends, colors, and designs, your home may have different versions of itself throughout time that all focus to enhance your quality of life.

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Door Trends: Key Colors, Designs, and Styles