3 Rules To Follow When Choosing Sidelights for Wood Doors

Home design is all about the details and the rules that make them work. Though the lights of a home’s exterior seem like a minor accessory at first glance, there is actually a lot of thought put into them, as well as into every other accessory and decoration. These are the three rules to follow when choosing sidelights for wood doors.

Complement Exterior Colors

Your exterior design follows a set of guidelines that your sidelights are a part of. These range from taking advantage of the flowing symmetry of your windows and doors to blending colors seamlessly between each different part. Your sidelights are components of that scheme, and viewing your home from an appropriate distance offers a good vantage point to help decide on a proper color. Having an eye for color theory is helpful but is also something that can be learned. Achieving a balance is a good thing to consider to ensure that your home’s presentation does not attract the eye toward one specific point. Mastering this takes time and practice but offers very gratifying results when done right.

Match the Style of Your Home

It is important that the sidelights to your front door match the theme of your home. For example, if you have a dark craftsman mahogany entry door, matching the elegance of the heavy wood with rustic metal sidelights complements the intensity of the wood. In another instance, if you were aiming to decorate a more folk-themed entrance, introducing more vintage style sidelights would add to the appeal you are hoping to achieve. Despite these typical pairs, the style of design relies mainly on your preference in the end.

Ensure You Have Enough Room

Providing extra attention to the size of the lights you use compared to the rest of your home is a consideration that pays off greatly. Sidelights on a wood door help to highlight the exterior and make a statement. However, if you try to use large or long lights in a fairly cramped entrance, you risk making the space seem dainty or stubby. To help add to the appeal, making your exterior seem more open by adding more windows with thinner frames helps give the illusion of widening the area and allowing for more diverse models of sidelights.

Decorating your home comes with its fair share of intricacies. However, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. By considering these three rules to follow when choosing sidelights for wood doors, you can approach this conundrum with knowledge and confidence in your decision-making process. Though they seem like a small edition, every detail plays a part when designing your dream home.